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Posted by Administrator   
Tuesday, 27 June 2006 00:00


Meet the Minimum Needs of All (MMNA) 2030:

Opening MMNA statement.

Minimum Needs Are:

• Drinking Water
• Adequate Nutrition per day
• Basic Clothing and Basic Housing
• Primary Health Care
• Primary Education of 5 Years Duration.

Representing the global production of goods and services for the Year 2002 by 10 plums,

• The global First World population of about 1.1 billion (earnings greater thn $8 per day: India 125 million, China 250 million, USA 300 million, all of U.K., Japan, Western Europe, and a small percentage of the population in every nation of the world) , kept 8 plums for themselves.

• Global Lower middle-class of about 2.5 billion were given 1.5 plums, and the

• Global Poor of about 2.4 billion people had to live on 0.5 plums, without access to the seed.

Five out of six people suffer from the current distribution.

The obstacles to meeting the Minimum Needs of All, are SOCIETAL:

• 'Moral Exclusion'-- Justice need be only for those 'within' our group,

• 'Unconnected ness'-- we are not related to 'them'.

'Moral Exclusion' necessitates violence, that comes in different forms: direct, as in wars, and structural, as in economic, political and cultural.

Economic structural violence results in the daily poverty death of several tens of thousands of the global Poor. Why allow the global political economy to indulge in such sacrifice in the 21st century?

'Moral Inclusion' allows consideration of:

. 'fair play' for the other,
. willingness to share and allocate resources, that leads to
. willingness to make sacrifices to foster the welfare of the included, and
. extending the psychological boundary of the 'scope of justice'.

In this manner, 'Moral Inclusion' would lead to economical nurture of effective, enduring , global security.

'Those who received more', under ‘exclusion morality’, are called upon under ‘inclusion morality’ to consider acknowledging that:

'more, at the expense of the unmet minimum needs of many, is not one's to receive from the global political economy', and as inclusion morality is better understood and accepted, to undertake the necessary nonviolent steps to amend the global political economy, leading to global distributive justice on minimum needs.

Personal and institutional Kindness and Charity (outside of 'cash-back') are wonderful outcomes to nurture, even in inclusion morality, but they cannot be relied upon to MMNA.

Global Distributive Justice:

• 'Subject - centered - justice', (measured by that which I would need to quench my thirst, abate my hunger, keep me in primary health, clothing, shelter, and education) , would enable incorporation of all members of the human species, within 'one moral community',
• Basic rights are necessary in society,
• Everyone born has a right to something: life,
• Some 'other things' (personal security, subsistence, political and cultural, Freedoms) are necessary to enjoy the first thing, as a right,
• Everyone has rights to the said 'other things', (minimum needs) , that are necessary to enjoy the first thing as a right,
• 'Necessary' means 'made essential by the very concept of right'; to be brought into existence, administered and defended by global society.

What is necessary, lies outside personal choice, is not charity, and does not depend on kindness.

When engaged with the welfare of others, the concern is spiritual. Can the current distribution of the global political eonomy be justified in the 21st century?

Whether theists, atheists, or agnostics, we are given to belief. Through worshipful contributions of concern on the Web on this theme, how can we arrive at and make 'moral inclusion on minimum needs', the global vanilla of morality flavors by 2030, and MMNA?

In Peace,
MMNA Intention



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