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OpEdNews articles written by Radh Achuthan

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1   Link   Traitors in the Supreme Court Erased Our Most Precious Security
It has become clear that the Citizens United Supreme Court decision went beyond free speech. It was a betrayal of American security that opened the gates to an assault on American Demcracy.
2   Link   Must Violence be the Chosen and Accepted Norm for Governanace?
Must violence be the chosen and accepted norm for Governance?
"The Case for War: The Iron Mountain Report"(Stephen Lendman), below, identifies the rationale as to why the governing elite of nations are required to pursue continuous war.
3   Link   Non-violently, Establish Earth Rights for Everyone / Monday, December 21, 2009
Poverty is the source of most social problems. To resolve the same, collect 'land-value rent' from the monopolists, while establishing 'Earth Rights' for each person, to be utilized in trust for the welfare of the biosphere and all of its inhabitants. The monopolists who make up 5% of the global population may not want it, and be that as it may! the rest of us do, and we may explore how to nonviolently implement the same.
4   Link   The path to global 'Inclusion Morality' on Human Identity
Honesty has a comfortable home in consciousness; how are we to reach it circumventing synthetic conditioning to the contrary?
The First World Populations (FWP) of about 1.2 billion people,(18%),residing in all countries and making more than $8 per head per day, have implicitly arranged the global political economy (GPE) to distribute 80% of the annual global production of goods and services amongst themselves, leaving 20% to be distributed amongst the remaining 5.4 billion people.
5   Link   Meet the Minimum Needs of All, (MMNA)- Intention: WEBINAR / Monday, August 10, 2009
"Meet the Minimum Needs of All 2030" (MMNA30), is a framework in the making, that would thread the eye of the needle of justice within global human law, under contest and yet to be acknowledged. With regard to MMNA, national law is ill -conceived, deficient and not in a position to deliver. Global human law is necessary.
6   Link   Consciousness and Development / Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Consciousness is endowed with a comprehensive charge to be a global care-giver, that can no longer be ignored by clever localized themes of competition. The article provides the bases for this viewpoint and a suggested course of action to meet the Minimum Needs of All (MMNA), practice geonomics, and elicit universal free-enterprise participation by the global population.
7   Link   GEONOMICS: Meet the Minimum Needs of All (MMNA) / Sunday, February 8, 2009
(5 comments) "The fruits of the Earth belong to all of us"; that includes, all non man-made resources, such as land, fossil fuels, minerals, the electromagnetic spectrum, oceans, drinking water, the atmosphere, space, and logical structures, constituting our common heritage. The elite who monopolize possession of these must pay "ground rent" on the possession to be distrubuted amongst its natural owners--every man, woman and child alive.
8   Link   The Management of Evaluated Hope through Trust / Friday, January 23, 2009
(2 comments) Acknowledgment by the First World working population (1200 million) of the 30,000 daily global poverty deaths administered by the global political economy (GPE), can no longer be overlooked. Kindness and charity institutions would always bring us comfort as we tend to poverty created by us; but if we do not want poverty deaths in our name, we must require the GPE to MMNA and facilitate the material human rights of all.
9   Link   A More Perfect Global Union / Monday, January 19, 2009
(1 comments) Our top priority must be to realize non-violently Article 3 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The First World population has realized Article 3 for themselves and reciprocity is a productive, healthy guideline; so, let's devise and achieve the needful in a socially organic manner to "Meet the Minimum Needs of All",(MMNA), and benefit from the enhanced mental health, prior to pursuit of additional profit.
10   Link   Amend the US Constitution / Friday, March 19, 2010
Individual Person Hood is an inalienable Right; Vigil at US Supreme Court
11   Link   American Monetary Institute and The American Monetary Act: Stephen Zarlenga (.PDF)