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1   Link   The Political Economy of Israel's Occupation
The reasons for boycotting Israel, Israel sells itself as 'frontline' against Islam, and more...
2   Link   Palestinians Denied Mosque Access
On the first Friday prayers in Ramadan, the Muslim Holy Month, thousands of Palestinians flocked towards the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem to attend prayers. But, as is often the case, many were not allowed inside to pray. Israeli authorities have put restrictions on who can attend prayers at the holy site, but they say they are trying to accommodate as many worshipers as possible.
3   Link   G-20 or G-192: Which is more 'global'?
UN General Assembly vying for leadership over global economic crisis, despite objections from the West
4   Link   G-20 or G-192: Fear of the South
West shutting UN out of global crisis response, as South governments question pillars of world economy
5   Link   Howard Zinn's "Three Holy Wars"
Howard Zinn speaks at The Progressive Magazine's 100th anniversary
6   Link   Gideon Levy on Israel's addiction
Levy: Israel is in a "coma" and needs outside help to get over its addiction to the occupation
7   Link   Gaza Freedom March in Israel
International, Israeli, and Palestinian activists demonstrate around Gaza against Israeli imposed siege
8   Link   Inside Israeli land grabs
TRNN speaks to settlers, Palestinians, and experts to understand the process of land confiscation in OPT
9   Link   Cap-and-trade won't cut it
Payal Parekh: Thanks largely to carbon offsets, new bill won't begin to reduce US emissions until 2027
10   Link   Carbon caps - who gets the cash?
James Boyce: Different models of carbon cap legislation serve different interests
11   Link   Bipartisan Meeting Blair House, 2/25/2010, Resistance to Change
Barack Obama and Congressional leaders from both parties meet to discuss health reform at the Blair House in Washington, D.C. Opening remarks by President Obama, Sen. Lamar Alexander (TN), and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA).
12   Link   'Benchmark' glaciers shrinking faster
Les Blumenthal: 99% of glaciers in the US have been shrinking, and the rate is accelerating