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Thursday, 02 December 2010 19:09
Dear Friends:
The MMNA site is under construction.
The 'wayward son' (by Kansas), is anyone within the global population striving to devise ways to "Meet the Minimum Needs of All", a non-violent, unorthodox spiritual viewpoint, recently reaffirmed in NYYM Minute, April 2006.
There is provision to turn off the 'heavy metal' music at the opening page lyric site, but as to be expected, the 'inclusion morality digital Mummy' portrays continuous striving.
At this stage, the concept could grow to the next level through Internet communication, calling upon the global political economy to meet the minimum needs of all, within the "idea of the human".
That call will take visceral root locally across the globe within small and large groups, resulting in community action with a global reach.
In due course (10 years), consciousness could incorporate biospheric 'inclusion morality', working for relationships that would deliver MMNA2030 and an environment- based governance philosophy.
Belief in these outcomes is worthy of support on a priority basis.
Global organizations of the G20 and even the G-192, are elite plutocratic lobbies cornered by a limited agenda, lamented by the 'wayward son' and others.
But one could access and expand the spirit of the people of the Internet, currently 1.7 billion strong: they are likely to abjure poverty deaths, (globally 30,000 daily), and help devise / demand a MMNA solution from the global political economy.
Comments are welcome but it is participation and social contribution that would move the concept forward.
Hope leads to optimism and joyful action, granting each of us appropriate rewards.
In Peace,
Radh Achuthan,
Site Administrator